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You Have Reached Your Destination  

Award winning Short Film -  Written & Directed by Georgia Lee & Hannah Daniel 

Discontented Uber driver Beca is at a crossroads in her life, and she has just discovered she is pregnant. At 29 with a devoted boyfriend she "should" keep it. But is that what Beca wants? 

emily almond barr - cinematographer, women in film uk, camerawoman
WINNER Best Original Screenplay - Catfis
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Underwire Festival
cinematography by Emily Almond Barr, UK cinematographer
MOONFAZE_official selection_blk (1).png
cinematography by Emily Almond Barr, female cinematographer, camera woman UK
female cinematographer, woman DP London, freelance cinematographer Emily Almond Barr
women make films, UK cinematographer Emily Almond Barr, camera woman
women behind the camera, shoot from the heart. Emily Almond Barr cinematagrapher
WMAFF 2017 - Official Selection JPEG.jpg
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