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About, me.

 I am a lover of light, colour and movement, partial to darkness too. After studying experimental film, I honed my technical skills by working my way up in camera departments on feature films and commercials with 35mm film. 

My passion for narrative-driven composition and lighting extends through my drama, documentary and commercial work.  Nominated for a BAFTA Cymru (Documentary Cinematography) and with the BFI feature SWEETHEART winning many audience awards in film festivals internationally, I am always looking for work to pour my heart into. 

An Aussie Queer Mumma DP now based in the U.K., the many aspects of our  lives only enriches our work by bringing yet another perspective. I am creative and enthusiastic about the work I deliver, so don't hesitate to get in touch to see more, ask questions or meet up. 


New work


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The Lovers 

 6 x 30' Episodes for Sky Atlantic. Produced by Drama Republic, written by David Ireland, directed by Justin Martin staring Johny Flynn & Roisin Gallagher, currently in post production. 


Cobra, Series 3

 Episodes 1 & 2 for Sky Atlantic. Produced by New Pictures, directed by Charles Sturridge staring Robert Carlyle, Victoria Hamilton and Jane Horrocks, currently in post production. 

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