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An award winning DP from Australia, Emily began by studying experimental film before working her way up in the camera department assisting with 35mm and s16mm film. A lover of light, colour and movement, Emily approaches every project anew; versatile and ready to enrich a project's vision rather than imposing a style or artistic mark. “I want the audience to feel what I am saying, not notice the camera work”. In 2021 Emily was nominated for a BAFTA Cymru for her Documentary cinematography while busy with long form narrative work. Recent productions are dark romantic comedy for Sky Atlantic “The Lovers”, political action drama “Cobra” Series 3 and the period drama “Sanditon” for ITV (Series 2 & 3). More recently her work has featured on NOWNESS and the BFI feature “Sweetheart” has been released internationally. 


New work & news


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 6 x 30' Episodes for Sky Atlantic. Produced by Drama Republic, written by David Ireland, directed by Justin Martin staring Johny Flynn & Roisin Gallagher, currently in post production. 


COBRA Series 3, Eps 1 & 2

 Episodes 1 & 2 for Sky Atlantic. Produced by New Pictures, directed by Charles Sturridge staring Robert Carlyle, Victoria Hamilton and Jane Horrocks, currently in post production. 

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Recently winning Best Cinematography as well as Best Short Film, still in the festival circuit, short film by writer/ director Jessica Jack Boyd. Contact me to see a private link. 

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BFI Short film

 A fight for queer identity in the Mountains of Snowdonia - Dion must navigate his sexual awakening, guided by spirits of Welsh past.  Currently in the festival circuit, written & directed by Tom Chetwode-Barton, produced by Vivien Kenny.

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