A career of images is hard to express in words... I am a lover of light, colourmovement and partial to darkness too.

My career has been as versatile in style as it has been in genre, my passion for narrative-driven composition and lighting extends through my drama, documentary and commercial work. Spanning BBC TV drama, feature documentaries, narrative films, music videos and a truckload of commercial work, I bring my all to every project. I am a true believer in the collaboration of film, creating supportive dialogue and asking of all departments - what do we want to feel here?  

Originally from Australia, I have settled in the U.K. and am always looking to connect with up and coming directors/ producers any side of the globe. I am creative and passionate about the work I deliver, so don't hesitate to get in touch to see more, ask questions or meet up.



Feature Film

Directed by Daryl Chase, produced by  Screen Northants, currently in post-production. 



Creative by Jones, Knowles, Ritchie (JKR Global) 

"Blue Mood Rising" 


Music Video Directed by Kirby Partington