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"Black & Welsh" 

Documentary, BBC4

Nominated for BAFTA Cymru for Photography, Factual, Best Director (Liana Stewart) & Single Documentary. Click to watch the whole film. 


Dir. Liana Stewart

Produced by Ieie Productions

Mothers Missiles poster.png

"Mothers, Missiles & The American President"

Documentary, BBC


Directed by Laura Martin-Robinson, 

Ieie Productions

Click here to view on BBC Iplayer

Mothers missiles still 1.png
Mothers Missiles still 3.png
Mothers Missiles still 2.png

"The Art Of Being A Dandy" 

Tate Britain


Dir. Oliver Mason

Producer Scott Morris

"Burna Boy"

Next Generation Leaders

TIME magazine 2020

"Women with Altitude" 

Feature Length Documentary


"Adventure is my only reason for living" Alexander David Neel approximately 1911. In 2017 Elise Wortly embarks on an epic trek in the Himalayas, inspired by Alexander David Neel & with no modern day equipment. Currently in series development.


"Climate Of Fear" Documentary


Directed by Leighton Woodhouse, 

Take Part Productions, U.S.A.

"Dance All Night"


Art Night London 2018

Artist Melanie Manchot devised piece of dancers dancing through the city streets to meet in one location for an epic public mass multi-style dance session as part of Art Night. 

estatic swing dancers_edited.png
Dance All Night.png
GREAT arms in air smiling swing dancers_
st pauls flash dance arms in air_edited.
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